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Metal, Contemporary Jewelry, Artwork
Last updated January 2021
All work created by Christina Tyler


Window Pendant, sterling silver, copper, 2020

Dancer Brooches, sterling silver, 10k gold plating, graphite varnish, steel pinback wire, 2014


Woodblock Print Ring Collaboration with Yukiko Afuso (printmaker), ink, paper, steel, sterling silver, 2018



Tree Ring (hollow formed), copper, sterling silver, 2012



Tuscan Chain (Photo by Chris Ellenbogen), copper, 2013

Negative Space Rings, sterling silver, 2013

Bobby Pin Necklace and Earrings, sterling silver and mixed karat gold, melted old jewelry cast into ingots, drawn out, fabricated into bobby pins, 2014



Etched Oval Earrings and Necklace Series, copper, sterling silver, 2014

Profiles (Of A Loved One For His Family), brass plated with 14k Gold, 2014


Keum Boo Olive Branch Earrings, sterling silver, 24K gold, 2013


A Woman In Tuscany, belt buckle 1, 2, necklace, etched, chased and repoussed copper, sterling silver accents, 2013



Child's Painting Necklace (based on the painting of a 4 year old student), copper, prismacolor, 2012