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Metal, Contemporary Jewelry, Artwork
Last updated January 2021
All work created by Christina Tyler



Christina Tyler is a contemporary studio jeweler working predominantly in gold, silver, and steel and has recently studied blacksmithing and sculpture. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Craft and Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She combined her studies in metals with sculpture, glassblowing, and choreography classes. She spent two semesters studying abroad through East Carolina University's jewelry program in Certaldo Alto, Italy where she focused on Italian Renaissance art history, small metals fabrication, and traditional enameling under Linda Darty. She returned for her last semester at VCU to complete her degree under Susie Ganch. Post graduation, she worked in fine jewelry as a bench jeweler and taught youth and adult art, movement, and metals classes at arts centers around North Carolina. She has been a studio assistant in small metals and attended sculpture and blacksmithing intensive workshops at numerous craft schools.

Christina currently works out of her private studio in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.





Artist Statement

Dance, figurative imagery, and nature serve as the foundation of my work.  I use the figure to capture frozen moments of gesture and dance. I am also interested in the movements of the craftsman especially in time and heat-based crafts such as blacksmithing and glassblowing that often require a partner and constant movement of the entire body; the process of making is choreographic. I am also inspired by natural environments and landscapes which have had lasting impact on me: most prevalent are the Blue Ridge Mountains and the olive trees in Tuscany. I am interested in the connection between sculpture, contemporary jewelry, and wearable art as a form of public art.

While I enjoy the properties of precious metals, I strive to maintain an awareness in my studio practice by staying updated on responsible mining companies, sustainable sourcing for material, proper waste disposal, and by re-using old jewelry and scrap material when possible. While I continue to use traditional enameling, silvermithing, and goldsmithing techniques, I also use contemporary color applications such as powder coating. Most recently I have been working in steel, both coal-forging and cold bending.