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Metal, Contemporary Jewelry, Artwork
Last updated January 2021
All work created by Christina Tyler

Champlevé Olive Leaf Brooches, transparent enamel on sterling silver, steel pinback wire, 2013

Male and Female Spoons, watercolor enamel on copper with sterling silver accents, 2013

Blue Earth Earrings, enamel on copper, 2013Olive Leaf Earrings, enamel on copper set in sterling silver, 2013



Cloisonné Enamel Lady and Bird Brooches, sterling silver cloisonné on copper, transparent enamel, set in brass, steel pinback wire, 2013

Watercolor Mountain Range Series, watercolor enamel on copper set in sterling silver, 2014


Mother/Daughter Lily Ring, cast sterling silver, cubic zirconium, transparent enamel, 2014


Olive Leaf Ring and Earrings, cast sterling silver, transparent enamel, 2014